Where Is A Good Place To Hide A House Key?

Where do you hide the spare house key?

10 brilliant ideas for hiding your spare key outside your homeThe birdhouse.

Hidden high up in trees, a birdhouse is a great place to hide a spare key.

Behind your car’s license plate.

This is a convenient trick if you have a car or a trailer.

Inside a brick.

Inside a fake drain cap.

Inside a fake faucet head.

Inside a fake sprinkler.

Behind the door knocker.

Under a stone.More items….

Where do Burglars look for keys?

Near the Door The first and most common place for hiding a key is near the front door. This could be under a door mat, inside of a nearby flower pot, or even inside of that unobtrusive hollow plastic rock. Many choose to leave the key close to the front door for convenience, and most thieves know that this is common.

Where do you leave spare keys?

House Keys: Where To Keep Them, Where To Hide ThemDon’t leave your spare key under the mat. … Don’t stash your spare key above the door lintel. … Don’t hide your spare key under a flower pot right near the door. … Don’t use a fake rock. … Don’t put a spare key in your wallet. … There are, however, some great places to stash a spare key. … Just leave a key with a neighbor.More items…

Where can I hide my car keys?

The 7 Best Places To Hide A Key on Your Car Are…On the inside of the bumper (assuming you are using the magnetic hide a key)Behind the front license plate.Tire Well.Gas Cap.With someone else.Hitch receiver box.Your purse or wallet.

Where should you put a key safe?

A key safe is a strong mechanical metal box in which you can securely stores the key to your door….Best locations for a key safecan be seen from the road.is at eye level.is easily identifiable as a key safe.is near the door.

How do you leave someone at an airport Key?

Just leave the car unlocked with the keys hidden somewhere inside, or tucked behind one of the sun visors. Or if you there are valuables inside the car and you want to lock it (unlikely, since you are leaving it for somebody else to use) then lock the car and hide the key in a front wheel arch, on the suspension.

Where is the first place burglars look?

Most people keep valuables in their bedrooms, so burglars make that their first stop. The fancy jewelry box on the dresser is irresistible. They’ll be sure to check the closet looking for guns, cash, expensive clothing/shoes, or even a handy suitcase to store the loot.