What Is The Opposite Of Sign Up?

What does asymmetrical mean?

1 : having two sides or halves that are not the same : not symmetrical an asymmetrical design asymmetrical shapes.

2 usually asymmetric, of a carbon atom : bonded to four different atoms or groups..

When a person is a trigger?

A trigger is a reminder of a past trauma. This reminder can cause a person to feel overwhelming sadness, anxiety, or panic. It may also cause someone to have flashbacks. … They may be a physical location or the anniversary of the traumatic event. A person could also be triggered by internal processes such as stress.

What is another word for singled out?

What is another word for single out?choosedifferentiatesettle uponIDsort outoptdemarcatemark offlocatediscern234 more rows

What does a symptomatic mean?

Symptomatic can mean showing symptoms, or it may concern a specific symptom. Symptoms are signs of disease or injury. They are noticed by the person. Many conditions and diseases have symptoms. A cough can be symptomatic of an upper respiratory infection.

What is the word for no symptoms?

In medicine, a disease is considered asymptomatic if a patient is a carrier for a disease or infection but experiences no symptoms. A condition might be asymptomatic if it fails to show the noticeable symptoms with which it is usually associated. Asymptomatic infections are also called subclinical infections.

Is unenrolled a word?

Verb. (transitive, intransitive) To undo the enrolment of; to cause (oneself or another person) to not be enrolled.

Is triggered a slang word?

It needs to stop. Urban Dictionary is used to define slang and colloquial terms, and it proceeds to define “triggered” as “when someone gets offended or gets their feelings hurt, often used in memes to describe feminist, or people with strong victimization.”

What does asymptotic mean?

The term asymptotic means approaching a value or curve arbitrarily closely (i.e., as some sort of limit is taken). A line or curve that is asymptotic to given curve is called the asymptote of .

What does enlist mean?

Enlistment is the process of taking an oath of U.S. Army service and becoming a Soldier. The Army has three categories of Soldiers: Enlisted Soldiers, Warrant Officers and Commissioned Officers. . During this process, you will talk to a recruiter, attend Basic Combat Training (BCT), and choose your Army job.

What is the opposite of symptom?

Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms symptom. Antonyms: misindication. Synonyms: concurrent, concomitant, premonition, indication, mark, note, sign, token.

What is an example of a trigger?

The definition of a trigger is the mechanism on a gun that makes it shoot a bullet or anything that starts a series of events. An example of trigger is what a cop presses to fire his gun. An example of trigger is a hostile confrontation that causes a series of bad memories with the person.

What is the opposite of triggered?

Opposite of to have triggered a passionate feeling or reaction. calmed. composed. consoled. placated.

What is another word for symptoms?

What is another word for symptom?indicationmanifestationomenproofcluehinttestimonyindexindicianote44 more rows

What means signup?

intransitive verb. : to sign one’s name (as to a contract) in order to obtain, do, or join something sign up for insurance sign up for classes.

Is disenroll a real word?

Disenroll, “To cancel enrolment; to remove oneself from a list” may be the word you want. It is in common use, for example as a bit of legal jargon for leaving an insurance plan: A member may only disenroll from an MA plan during one of the four election periods noted above. …

What does disenrolled mean?

verb (used with object) to dismiss or cause to become removed from a program of training, care, etc.: The academy disenrolled a dozen cadets.

What is the opposite of enroll?

DisenrollSenior Member. Disenroll is the formal opposite of enrol.

What’s another word for sign up?

What is another word for sign up?become a memberenlistregistersign onrecruitadmitenterjoin upconscriptmuster64 more rows