What Is Mean By Inscrutable?

What is the synonym of inscrutable?


Synonyms: unintelligible, untraceable, mysterious, unfathomable, profound, insolvable, impenetrable, hidden.

Antonyms: obvious, self-evident, familiar, intelligible, explainable..

What does slighted mean?

to treat as of little importance. to treat (someone) with indifference; ignore, especially pointedly or contemptuously; snub: to be slighted by society.

How do you use propensity in a sentence?

Propensity sentence examplesDuring hot days he had a propensity for walking around in just his boxers. … Men have a slight increased propensity towards baldness. … A propensity for violence is in no doubt. … Natural propensity to war is the motive force in primitive societies only.More items…

Is Instructable a word?

adjective. That may be instructed; amenable to instruction; especially teachable.

What’s the meaning of enigmatic?

adjective. resembling an enigma, or a puzzling occurrence, situation, statement, person, etc.; perplexing; mysterious: She has a perpetually enigmatic expression on her face. This is the most enigmatic book I have ever read!

What is the meaning of Instructable?

instructable (comparative more instructable, superlative most instructable) Capable of being instructed; receptive to instruction or education.

Which is a synonym of insular?

What is another word for insular?narrow-mindedprovincialracialistparticularstuffymeanunsophisticatedselfishunimaginativedistrict232 more rows

How do you use inscrutable in a sentence?

Inscrutable in a Sentence 🔉When Larry wrote the letter, he was so tired the writing was nearly inscrutable. … Not even the leading experts in criminology could understand the killer’s inscrutable motives. … In situations where evidence is lacking, some murder cases remain inscrutable forever.More items…

How do you use insipid in a sentence?

Insipid in a Sentence Examples 1) The exotic herbal tea was insipid but I had to drink it because it was offered to me by my boss. 2) His insipid behavior convinced me that he was going to be no good for my team. 3) This restaurant is infamous for its insipid food and dreary ambience.

What is the definition of inscrutable?

adjective. incapable of being investigated, analyzed, or scrutinized; impenetrable. not easily understood; mysterious; unfathomable: an inscrutable smile. incapable of being seen through physically; physically impenetrable: the inscrutable depths of the ocean.

What is a vicissitude mean?

a change or variation occurring in the course of something. interchange or alternation, as of states or things. vicissitudes, successive, alternating, or changing phases or conditions, as of life or fortune; ups and downs: They remained friends through the vicissitudes of 40 years.

How do you use vicissitude in a sentence?

Sentence ExamplesA business run by moral agents will not be able to survive the vicissitudes of the marketplace.It was one of the vicissitudes of life.In both cases they are are tall and ancient trees that have outlived a thousand political vicissitudes.More items…

What does Venally mean?

adjective. willing to sell one’s influence, especially in return for a bribe; open to bribery; mercenary: a venal judge.

What means indestructible?

adjective. not destructible; that cannot be destroyed.

What do you call someone who is hard to read?

Any person or thing that’s mysterious, mystifying, hard to read, or impossible to interpret is inscrutable. You ever notice how it’s hard to tell what some people are thinking? Those folks are inscrutable. … Dogs are definitely not inscrutable, because you can tell what they’re thinking and feeling.

What does equanimity mean?

Equanimity (Latin: æquanimitas, having an even mind; aequus even; animus mind/soul) is a state of psychological stability and composure which is undisturbed by experience of or exposure to emotions, pain, or other phenomena that may cause others to lose the balance of their mind.

What does alteration mean?

the act or process of altering; the state of being altered: Alteration will improve the dress. a change; modification or adjustment: There has been an alteration in our plans.

What are vicissitudes of life?

When you talk of the vicissitudes of life, you’re referring to the difficult times that we all go through: sickness, job loss, and other unwelcome episodes. No one can escape the vicissitudes of life.