What Does Trip Mean?

What does she’s a trip mean?

Like someone who is worried about something that nobody else is.

So to say about someone ‘She’s a trip” or “He’s a trip” or about something “it’s a trip” means that it’s strange,a nd that may be a good thing or a bad thing.

Either way, it means something strange and intense and possibly difficult to deal with..

What is the difference between Trip A and Trip B?

The trip meter can record the total distance of two trips. … When trip meter A is selected, TRIP A will be displayed. When trip meter B is selected, TRIP B will be displayed. The trip meter records the total distance the vehicle is driven until the meter is again reset.

What does Trip A and Trip B mean on a car?

The odometer in your car tells you just one thing – the number of miles on the engine. … The odometer cannot be reset and tampering with it is a crime. You also have two trip meters (A and B). These are used to measure the mileage of specific trips.

What does you’re tripping mean?

You trippin’ means you’re acting a fool, thinking crazy thoughts, or are maybe high on mushrooms. Trippin’ out is “freaking out” or “being extremely high.” Related words: crazy shit.

What does dont trip mean in slang?

If someone makes plans and you say “bet,” that means you are confirming said plan. Don’t Trip. It’s not used as a cautionary “watch out, don’t trip.” “Don’t trip” means don’t worry or don’t stress about something.

What does tweaking mean?

“Tweaking” is a slang term for the compulsive, disorganized behavior that methamphetamine users exhibit, particularly after large doses or long periods of repeated dosing.

What does aloof mean?

adjective. reserved or reticent; indifferent; disinterested: Because of his shyness, he had the reputation of being aloof.

Is odometer same as mileage?

As nouns the difference between odometer and mileage is that odometer is an instrument attached to the wheel of a vehicle, to measure the distance traversed while mileage is the total distance, in miles, travelled.

Is tweaking a bad word?

A Deeper Look at “Tweaking” and Methamphetamine Addiction Tweaking is a slang word that means to be under the influence of methamphetamine, also known as speed. It is also defined as “to malfunction or to react with extreme emotion.” Being under the influence of speed has its own risk and characteristics.

Whats geeked up mean?

the feeling of being geeked up includes; talking rapidly, talking an excessive amount, not feeling the need for food or sleep. usually your senses are stronger, and your heart beats faster.

What does it mean to trip out?

(slang) To hallucinate or otherwise alter one’s consciousness as a result of drugs. They started to trip out’ after five minutes of eating the mushrooms. (slang) To have a fit, to become enraged or upset; to flip out.

What does Trip mean on car?

distance travelledA trip computer is a computer fitted to some cars; most modern trip computers record, calculate, and display the distance travelled, the average speed, the average fuel consumption, and real-time fuel consumption.

What is electricity tripping?

April 14, 2020 Electrical. A circuit breaker “trips” (shuts off the electrical flow) in order to protect the circuit from overheating. It’s a safeguard that helps prevent damage and electrical fires. If it happens often, there’s a root cause that you need to address.

What is a tweaker person?

Tweak or tweaker may refer to: Tweak, a slang name for methamphetamine. Tweaker, or alternate spelling tweeker, an individual addicted to methamphetamine.

What does it mean to trip for someone?

trip on (someone or something) She tiptoed out of the room, trying not to trip on anyone as she left. 2. slang To experience the psychotropic effects, especially audio or visual hallucination, of some drug. Don’t listen to him—he’s been tripping on acid for the last three hours.

Why you trippin on me meaning?

“why you trippin” is a slang term meaning “why are you upset” or “why are you overreacting”. ” trippin” could mean a few things based on context but usually it means something like “overreacting”. “why you trippin” is a slang term meaning “why are you upset” or “why are you overreacting”. ”

What is another word for tripping out?

What is another word for tripping out?dreamingdaydreamingdeliberatingdwellingstaring into spacestewingspacing outtuning outzoning outbuilding castles in air8 more rows

What does drippin mean?

adjective. extremely high-fashion or expensive. Stylin’. Yo that car is drippin’! See more words with the same meaning: good, okay, cool, awesome, fun.