Quick Answer: Who Made Hate Sans?

Who is last breath Sans?

Sans is the heroic protagonist of Undertale Last Breath: Chapter 1, as well as being the main obstacle overall, and the brother of the fallen skeleton, Papyrus.

Sans was a lazy skeleton who was presumably born in Snowdin..

Is last breath a true story?

Forget about them – for tension and emotional engagement, you deserve to see Last Breath. It’s not just based on a true story from 2012 set in the North Sea, it is that story. It’s a “documentary thriller” about real divers, and I challenge you not to feel the pressure in every sense as its 86 minutes unfold.

Who made killer Sans?

RahafwabasKiller Sans is created and owned by Rahafwabas on Tumblr.

Is Error 404 sans evil?

He had become a very evil monster and had gone insane. Error404 hid away in a special part of the Anti-Void that only he can access called the Main Frame/The outer wall. It is a place where he can see all activity in and out of the Anti-Void.

Why does sans drink ketchup?

So we have explained what determination has to do with sans and why he has 1 hp but than how does he have so much and able to hide it so well… the answer is in the ketchup, why else would someone drink that much a day. It’s to keep his power hidden and give him a way to defend the underground.

What is the last breath?

Agonal breathing or agonal gasps are the last reflexes of the dying brain. They are generally viewed as a sign of death, and can happen after the heart has stopped beating. Another strange and disturbing reflex that has been observed after death is called the Lazarus reflex.

Who made last breath?

Last Breath (2019 film)Last BreathDirected byRichard da Costa Alex ParkinsonProduced byRichard da Costa Dylan Williams Alex Parkinson Al Morrow Stewart Le Marechal Angus LamontWritten byAlex ParkinsonMusic byPaul Leonard-Morgan6 more rows

Is Sans dead in Glitchtale?

Sans is the overall deuteragonist of Glitchtale. … In Animosity, Sans melts and dies by overusing what’s left of his magic and determination, leaving his Brother and Father distraught.

Why is sans lazy?

His laziness is a combination of fatalism and apathy. … This is because while Sans is apathetic towards life, he is never apathetic towards the people he cares about.

What is nightmare sans afraid of?

Likes:dark chocolate,milk,being pet,walking,destroying AU’S,dream,killing. Hates:cross,ink,blueberry,life,sweet stuff,dying phone.

Is error sans a boy or girl?

AboutMy RatingLeitmotiferror sans. Song That Might Play When You Fight Error!Sans ErrorVania/ERRORLOVANIA I’ve Got No Strings-ERRORStatusActive and AliveSpeciesErrorSkeletonGenderMale7 more rows

Can you spare sans when he falls asleep?

Can you spare sans after he falls asleep? There’s no way to mercy Sans. You have to attack because sparing him (before he offers) wont trigger his chat boxes and you’re stuck doing the same thing until you die. You can’t move to the mercy button when he’s asleep either, it can only go towards fight.

Why does SANS only have 1 hp?

Sans has more than 1 HP! As you know if you check sans in his battle it says that he has 1 HP and because he can dodge it makes him strong. But in the hotel in Snowdin if you talk to the baby bunny he saids that sleeping can make your HP Go higher than your Max HP.

Who created fatal error Sans?

user XedramonTrivia. Fatal_Error was made by Tumblr user Xedramon. You can check out the Fatal_Error blog here: http://fatal-error-blog.tumblr.com/. He is an powerful and dangerous Sans aiming to get back his Papyrus, even at the cost of other Alternate Universes.

Is Nightmare sans evil?

Nightmare is deceiving, erratic, unpredictable and evil. He told Cross and Dream that many villains were brought to their knees by him, such as Horror, Dust, Killer, Swapfell Red Sans, and Swapfell Sans. … In his past, Nightmare was one of the kindest beings in the multiverse at the time.

Is Underfell sans evil?

He is typically ruthless and brutal. His knowledge of the timelines and resets is shared among all AU’s (excluding some interpretations of Underswap ) but he hides this information very well. He is not as “evil” as most of the other characters are portrayed, but still believes in the “Kill or Be Killed” motto.

Which SANS is the strongest?

Killer sans is way stronger than chara also he dont have gaster blasters ..and he has some strong bones attacks…he can kill error sans! And he already defeated ink sans! After a bloody match also he is more than 10000 HB … wich makes him the strongest sans ever!!after all HE CANNOT BE DEFEATED !!

What happened to Geno sans eye?

Geno Sans has a slash on his white jacket from his fight against Chara/Frisk. Geno Sans’ right eye is covered by a glitch, probably to hide the part of his face melting from the determination he injected himself with.