Quick Answer: What Country Code Is 99?

Which country has +27 code?

Telephone numbers in South AfricaLocationLast updatedMarch 24, 2016Access codesCountry calling code+27International call prefix009 more rows.

Which country uses +966?

Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia Country Code 966 – Worldometer.

What country is +59?

DOMINICAN REPUBLICInternational Dialing CodeSerial No.Country NameDialing Codes59DOMINICAN REPUBLIC1-80960EAST TIMOR67061ECUADOR59362EGYPT20160 more rows

Which country has code 13?

Cayman Islands+13 Country: Cayman Islands.

What country is this code?

Country Codes Alpha-2 & Alpha-3CountryAlpha-2 codeNumericAustraliaAU036AustriaAT040AzerbaijanAZ031Bahamas (the)BS044119 more rows

What country code is +96?

Maldives telephone code 960 is dialed after the IDD. Maldives international dialing 960 is followed by an area code. The Maldives area code table below shows the various city codes for Maldives….87.8°F.CityDial CodesFaafu+960-674Gaafu Alifu+960-51 +960-682Gaafu Dhaalu+960-52 +960-684Gnaviyani+960-54 +960-68619 more rows

Which country number starts with +9?

7 – Russia, Kazakhstan and parts of Abkhazia. 8 – East Asia and some services like Inmarsat. 9 – Central Asia, South Asia and West Asia.

Which country has +35 code?

Finland has a country code +358. When you dial to a cell phone in Finland, the number is shown as +35(8XX), where XX is the code of the cell phone company through which your call will be routed.

Where is a +88 number from?

Taiwan+88 is the country code for Taiwan.

Which country code is 44?

United Kingdom44 is the international code used to dial to United Kingdom.

Which country has +14 code?

International Phone CodesCountryOverseas CodesHours difference from EST (1)Jamaica1 8090Japan81+14Jordan962+7Kazakhstan7+10161 more rows