Quick Answer: How Do You Spare Amalgamate?

Can you spare Asriel?

Asriel cannot be spared using the MERCY option.

It is also impossible to receive a game over in this fight; if the protagonist’s HP reaches 0, their soul splits in half before repairing itself..

Can you get a true pacifist ending on your first playthrough?

You will get a Neutral ending on your first playthrough. However, after the neutral ending, if you meet the requirements of a True Pacifist Route (not killing anyone, befriending Papyrus and Undyne) then you will get the chance to reload your save file and complete the True Pacifist ending.

Is Flowey really Asriel?

After Flowey absorbs the six human SOULs and most of the monster SOULs, he transforms into Asriel.

Can you fight Alphys?

Alphys is the only major monster in the game who the protagonist cannot fight and, therefore, kill. Alphys’s full combat capabilities are unknown.

How do you spare amalgamate lemon bread?

Strategy. She can be spared by un-hugging, flexing, and humming, in any order.

How do you spare Memoryhead?

Memoryhead can be spared by using CELL from the ACT menu, then refusing one of them.

How do you spare a mad dummy?

ACT commands have no impact on the battle, and the protagonist cannot spare Mad Dummy. To defeat it, the protagonist must maneuver their SOUL and redirect the bullets so that they hit Mad Dummy instead. This is only needed when they use dummies that are not robotic.

Can you kill Flowey and still get true pacifist?

Killing Flowey at the end does not count against your Pacifist playthrough. … So long as you’ve fulfilled the baseline criteria for the True Pacifist ending, you’ll be able to reload the game and get the ending.

Can you kill the amalgamates?

Strategy. None of the Amalgamates can be successfully killed; all battles with them end peacefully or in a Game Over. This may be due to the protagonist’s lack of harmful intent (as they are only accessible in the True Pacifist Route), or because of the Amalgamates’ unusual abilities and determination.

How do you beat astigmatism in pacifist?

Strategy. To spare this monster, the protagonist must wait a turn to read what it wants them to do; it says either “Pick on me” or “Don’t pick on me” before attacking. Taking the appropriate action allows Astigmatism to be spared.

How do you date Alphys?

But you will also need to:Go on a date with Papyrus after non-lethally beating him.Go to Undyne’s house after Papyrus calls you to hang out with her.Deliver the letter that Undyne gave you to Alphys.After “Double” dating Alphys go back to her lab and go through the elevator to the true lab.More items…

What happens if you name the fallen human Chara?

Nothing special happens when you name the fallen human Chara: it just tells you “the true name.” … So, naming the fallen human Chara changes nothing. Naming them Frisk activates hard mode, and from there it doesn’t matter which route you take, because the game ends after the Ruins in hard mode.