Quick Answer: Can I Hide My Tweets From Someone Without Blocking Them?

Can you hide tweets from a certain person?

To hide a tweet, tap on the menu arrow in the upper right corner of the tweet, then choose the new ‘Hide reply’ option on the menu that appears.

In addition to hiding the tweet, Twitter will prompt the user to choose whether they would like to block the people who shared the hidden tweet..

Can you limit who sees your tweets?

When you protect your Tweets and make your Twitter account private, only your current followers will be able to see your Tweets. Accounts with protected Tweets require each user to request to follow. You are able to manually approve and select who is able to see your Tweets.

How do I restrict someone on twitter?

How to block a Twitter accountGo to the profile page of the account you wish to block.Click the more icon on their profile page.Select Block from the menu.Click Block to confirm.

Can you tell if someone has you muted on twitter?

Muting removes their Tweets from your timeline, but it does not tell the other person what has happened. So the answer to the main question of ‘Can you tell if someone muted you on Twitter? ‘ is no, so long as they aren’t using any add-ons. … You just don’t see their Tweets in your timeline.

What is soft block on twitter?

Urban Dictionary defines softblocking as “A phrase often used by Twitter users to describe the blocking of another person, then immediate unblock.” Essentially, it forces the blocked party to unknowingly unfollow the user so they stop interacting with the user’s tweets.