Question: Why Is GTA 4 Bad?

Why is GTA 4 so good?

Another important place where GTA 4 is better is the realistic depiction of regular events.

One of the most glaring examples is the reaction of non-playable characters to gunshots.

Apart from this, the water physics was also more realistic in this title..

Does GTA 4 have heists?

Grand Theft Auto IV Only one major heist appears in GTA IV, as the mission Three Leaf Clover. The heist, which targets the Bank of Liberty, is executed by Niko Bellic, Patrick McReary, Derrick McReary and Michael Keane.

What is the longest GTA game?

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas1 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (31 1/2 Hours) The longest game in the series is the popular San Andreas.

What is the darkest GTA game?

GTA IVDefinitely the most dark GTA there is. GTA IV has the darkest story if you ask me. Definitely. Clearly, Niko carries the travesties he committed and witnessed during the Yugoslav Wars with him, and deeply impacts him as a person.

Does GTA 4 require graphic card?

The GTA 4 system requirements ask for at least 16 GB free storage space. … The minimum graphics card you need to run Grand Theft Auto 4 on is an ATI Radeon X1900. However, an NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT or better is the recommended GPU. The GTA 4 PC requirements ask for a minimum CPU equivalent to an AMD Athlon 64 X2 TK-55.

Is GTA IV multiplayer dead?

As a result of this massive update, GTA IV will no longer feature its groundbreaking multiplayer mode. Sorry folks, no more Fast and Furious digital reenactments for you and your friends.

Is GTA 4 or 5 better?

GTA 4 is renowned for its incredibly realistic driving mechanics, which makes it one jump higher than GTA 5. … This feature was changed in GTA 5, with much more comfortable handling of cars but with a loss in the realistic feel of the game.

What songs were removed from GTA4?

Liberty Rock RadioThe Smashing Pumpkins – “1979”Stevie Nicks – “Edge of Seventeen”Electric Light Orchestra – “Evil Woman”David Bowie – “Fascination”Black Sabbath – “Heaven And Hell”AC/DC – “Touch Too Much” (TLAD)The Doors – “Five To One” (TLAD)Jefferson Starship – “Jane” (TLAD)More items…•Apr 27, 2018

Which is better GTA 3 or GTA 4?

The big difference would be that GTA 3 was a little more lighthearted than GTA 4 and GTA 4 has way more character development. If you liked Vice City, I think you would enjoy GTA4. GTA 4 has all the same elements as previous GTA games, you can certainly carjack and mess with the cops and have car chases and etc.

How did CJ die GTA?

Following the death of his younger brother Brian in 1987 and a falling out with the rest of his family, he leaves for Liberty City to pursue a better life, but ends up returning five years later, after his mother’s murder….Carl Johnson (Grand Theft Auto)Carl JohnsonMotion captureYoung MaylayIn-universe informationNicknameCJGenderMale12 more rows

Has Rockstar ever made a bad game?

Rockstar doesn’t have a lot of bad games, but Smuggler’s Run might be the worst. The game came out in 2000 and the game sees you take the role of a smuggler who happens to make runs. From there, you take on an array of missions with a variety of different vehicles.

Why is there no GTA 4 on PS4?

Unfortunately, you cannot play GTA IV on PS4 because there is no backwards compatibility, but on Xbox One you can. The platforms that you can play GTA IV is on PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PS3.

Is GTA 4 overrated?

GTA IV is overrated. And I also feel like GTA: SA, being the masterpiece that it is, is highly underrated. GTA IV has a lot of flaws, which honestly brings the game down. Even the shooting in GTA IV isn’t really satisfying.

Is GTA IV still worth playing?

But an honest answer: it’s always worth playing this game if you can stand it’s ultra realistic gameplay. … Well the answer is simple: IV is not a GTA game.

Why is GTA 4 so underrated?

4) Realistic physics add to the game’s authenticity Cars move with purpose, and each little steering input has consequences. This only added to the authentic and grounded nature of the game. Rarely ever have gameplay mechanics been used in the GTA games so thematically as in this game.

Can Iphone run GTA 4?

Because all GTA are release on December months for android and ios. After everyone hope 2018 December last time GTA 4 will Release. But now 2019 December GTA 4 is not available for Android and IOS.

Is GTA 4 better than GTA San Andreas?

They’re both phenomenal games so it’s a tough call. GTA IV has easily the better story; it’s probably the best of any Rockstar game besides Red Dead Redemption. On the other hand though, San Andreas doesn’t exactly try to have a good story.