Question: Why Does Melinda Put The Mirror In The Closet?

Who does Melinda finally tell her story to?


FreemanFor example, at the end of Speak, Melinda finally draws a tree that expresses her emotions.

At the very, very end, Melinda is about to tell Mr.

Freeman, her art teacher, her story.


Why didn’t I run like this before when I was a one piece talking girl?

Melinda runs away, asking, “Why didn’t I run like this before when I was a one-piece talking girl?” … Despite her terror, Melinda can do nothing to combat him. Her mention of the “one-piece talking girl” is a reference to her old self, before she was silent and broken.

What does Melinda write on the bathroom wall?

Melinda writes “Guys to Stay Away From” on the bathroom wall and writes the name Andy Evans under it. This is significant because it’s her way of telling others how dangerous he is.

What the tree of life represents?

The Tree of Life symbol represents our personal development, uniqueness and individual beauty. Just as the branches of a tree strengthen and grow upwards to the sky, we too grow stronger, striving for greater knowledge, wisdom and new experiences as we move through life.

What does the rabbit symbolize in speak?

The Rabbit represents Melinda as the prey and Andy Evans as the wolf / predator. Every time she sees Andy Evans, she keeps on running away from him and her feelings of shame, fear, anger, and anguish bursts her mind. The rabbit symbolizes a victim by the wolf, which is so weak and vulnerable.

What does Melinda use to cover the mirror in the janitor’s closet?

Melinda covers the mirror in the closet with a poster of Maya Angelou. The symbolic meaning behind her actions is that Maya Angelou was raped and didn’t speak for a while in her own life.

What animal does Melinda compare herself to?

RabbitTest over the whole bookQuestionAnswerWhat animal does Melinda compare herself to whenever she sees Andy?RabbitWho gives Melinda a Valentine card on Valentine’s Day?HeatherWhat happened between Rachel and Andy at the prom?He tried to make a move on her and she didn’t like it.28 more rows

Is speak a banned book?

Melinda Sordino starts her first day of high school like any other teenager. Melinda was raped. … According to The American Library Association, “Speak” was one of the Top 100 Banned/Challenged Books between 2000 and 2009.

What is the main idea of the book speak?

One theme of Speak is finding one’s voice. Another theme in the novel is identity. The story can also be viewed as speaking out against violence and victimization. Melinda feels guilty, even though she was a victim of sexual assault.

What advice does David Petrakis give Melinda about speaking up?

What advice does David Petrakis give Melinda about speaking up? Why? He said you can’t speak up for your rights to be silent because that’s letting the bad guys win. She stood in front of the class holding a sign.

How does Melinda change in speak?

Melinda, a high school freshman, is the protagonist in Laurie Halse Anderson’s Speak. … Due to her trauma and inability to tell anyone about what happened, Melinda spirals into a dark depression; loses her ability to speak with ease; and can express her pain only through physical acts, such as biting her lips and nails.

What does the tree symbolize in speak?

The tree symbolizes death in the beginning of the art journey. At first, Melinda draws trees being hit by lightning. Melinda states, “I try to paint them so they are nearly dead, but not totally” (30). These drawing represent Melinda problem in identifying herself and symbolizing her pain.

How does Melinda fix her closet?

She tapes a mirror to the back of her closet and faces the reflective side towards the back wall. She does this so she doesn’t have to look at herself.

What does the Apple symbolize in speak?

One symbol in the novel is the apple itself and the seed. The apple symbolizes growth, change, and a new beginning. The apple can also symbolize Melinda’s family. … The emotional state is how her family was so close when she was little.

Why does Melinda say she wants to be in fifth grade?

Melinda wishes she was “in fifth grade again” because she thinks fifth grade was easy. For instance she was old enough to play outside unsupervised but not old enough to go off the block. In essence she thinks that as a fifth grader she had a little more freedom and less responsibilities.

What happens to Melinda in her school’s janitor closet?

Melinda discovers an abandoned janitor’s closet at school, and she converts it a home-away-from home. … After she shares in school suspension with Andy Evans, she starts attending all her classes again. Heather tells Melinda she doesn’t want to be friends anymore, and Melinda takes it hard.

What does Melinda see when she looks into the mirror?

What does Melinda see when she looks into the mirror? When Melinda looks into the mirror, she sees a Picasso sketch, her body slicing into dissecting cubes.

What purpose does Melinda’s closet at school serve?

The closet also represents the prison of silence that Melinda has fashioned for herself; it makes her feel secure, but isolates her from all others. She has created herself a safe space, but she has done so at the cost of her grades, her relationships, and the possibility of human connection.

What does Melinda’s room say about her?

While Melinda’s closet is a haven for her hide from her new, traumatized existence, her bedroom is a symbol of the childhood innocence that she has lost. Adorned with pink roses, the room looks like a child’s, and throughout the novel, Melinda feels out-of-place and uncomfortable within it.

Why does Melinda go to the hospital?

The name of the hospital that Melinda finds, Our Lady of Mercy, symbolizes Melinda’s deep need for mercy. For much of Melinda’s visit to the hospital she seeks out mercy. She visits various waiting rooms, eats in the cafeteria, and contemplates stealing a hospital gown.

Why does Melinda cover the mirror?

Melinda covers the mirror because she hates her reflection and would rather see Maya Angelou’s face being the strong and inspirational woman that she is.