Question: What’S The Best Telstra Prepaid Plan?

What is the best prepaid mobile plan in Australia?

Best Prepaid plans this monthBest value: amaysim $40 UNLIMITED Plan (55GB)Best perks: Woolworths Mobile Pre-paid Mobile $30 Recharge (30GB)Best budget: Woolworths Mobile Pre-paid Mobile $10 Recharge (1GB)Best big data: amaysim $40 UNLIMITED Plan (55GB)Best long-expiry: Kogan Extra Large – 365 Day Flex Plan (486GB)More items…•.

Can I top up my Telstra data?

To activate a data top-up go to and log in with your Telstra ID. In the ‘plans and usage’ column choose your internet service > scroll down to ‘Features’ and click on ‘Top-up now’ > ‘Confirm top-up’. Top-ups generally take up to 1 hour, in rare circumstances they can take up to 48 hours.

How much is Telstra unlimited data?

Available from 3 May 2018 and priced at $69 per month on a 12 month plan (min cost $828), the Telstra Endless Data BYO plan comes with unlimited data, including 40GB of data at uncapped speeds followed by peace of mind data capped at 1.5Mbps for the remainder of the month – fast enough to stream video in standard …

Does Telstra do unlimited data?

No, we’re giving you unlimited data every month at no extra cost, you don’t have to do anything. …

What does $30 Telstra Prepaid get you?

Telstra Pre-Paid CompleteRecharge Amount$30Expiry28 daysData Allowance8GBData Allowance For use in Australia onlyData BankSave up to 200GB of unused data when you recharge $30+ before expiry. Active recharge required to access Data Bank.14 more rows

What is the cheapest mobile plan in Australia?

Cheap pay-as-you-go plans….Cheapest postpaid mobile plansDodo No Data Plan — $5 per month, no data.Southern Phone X Small 12 Months — $9 per month, 1GB data.Spintel $9.95 Mobile Plan month-to-month — $9.95 per month, 1GB data.Pennytel Extra Small month-to-month — $10.99 per month, 1GB data.More items…•

Which mobile plan is best in Australia?

Best mobile phone plans this monthBest Budget Phone Plan: iPhone SE on Optus.Best Cheap Phone Plan: Southern Phone 1GB.Best Plan for Data: Circles.Life 100GB Monthly.Most Popular (Telstra): Telstra 40GB SIM Plan.Most Popular (Optus): Circles.Life 100GB Plan.Most Popular (Vodafone): TPG Medium Plan.More items…•

What is the best prepaid mobile plan?

Best Prepaid Plans September 2020Best Prepaid Plan Heavy Use Woolworths $30 Prepaid Plan, 30GB per 30 days.Also consider amaysim $30 Unlimited Plan, 30GB per 30 days.Best Prepaid Plan Everyday Use TPG $24.99 Medium Plan, 14GB per month.Also great ALDImobile $25 Mobile Plan, 18GB per 30 days.

Can you recharge $10 with Telstra?

Yes, you will get $10 Top Up Credit + 1GB of Data when you purchase a $10 Data Top Up pack.

How long does Telstra Prepaid take?

Your service will normally be active within 20 minutes, but it can take up to 4 hours. If your service isn’t active after 4 hours, check our outages and notifications page for current service disruptions. You can also check the status of your activation using the order number in your email confirmation.

How long does Telstra prepaid credit last for?

365 daysSince Telstra’s prepaid plans are only offered on month-to-month contracts, you can change your plan at any time. As long as you’re recharging with at least $30, you can keep any data you have saved in your data bank. The only exception to this rule is Telstra’s long expiry plans since they last for up to 365 days.

How do I put credit on my Telstra prepaid?

If you don’t have a smartphone or tablet, you can recharge your Pre-Paid service using #100#.Dial #100# on your mobile phone and press Call/Send.Your Pre-Paid plan and expiry date will be displayed at the top of the screen.Press Reply/Send 1 to select ‘Recharge’More items…

Can you get $20 Telstra credit?

$20 Credit All for use in Australia within 28 days. Data Bank data expires if you change offers. Unlimited international calls also exclude video calls.

What is the cheapest mobile plan with Telstra?

In terms of data-for-dollar, the best value SIM-only plan on the Telstra network currently comes from Telstra. $49 per month gets you 60GB on a 12-month contract. This is easily one of the most generous Telstra offers we’ve seen to date (it normally costs $69 and only comes with 30GB data).

How do I get more data on my Telstra plan?

Go to My Telstra.Go to Webmail.See coverage maps.Track my order.Go to Telstra Plus.Request an extension.

What is the best Telstra bundle?

Best Telstra TV bundle If you want to add entertainment to your plan, Telstra’s $99 per month plan is your best bet. On top of unlimited data and Standard Plus speeds (for NBN customers), Telstra will throw in a Telstra TV 3 set-top box.

Can I change my Telstra prepaid plan?

There are different ways you can change your Pre-Paid plan. Dial #100# and press Send or Dial from your mobile and follow these steps: Select Reply then 3 for Account Management, and press Send/Reply. Select Reply then 2 for Change Plan, and press Send/Reply.

What happens if I don’t recharge my Telstra prepaid?

‘After your credit expiry date ends, your service moves into a “Recharge Only Period” and you forfeit any remaining credit on your phone. … If you don’t recharge in this time, you will lose your Telstra Mobile number and your service will be deactivated.

Is Netflix free with Telstra TV?

Telstra TV gives users customers access to both paid subscriptions (Netflix, Foxtel Now, Stan, etc.) and free TV, like the ones mentioned above. … You’ll also need a broadband connection of at least 3.5Mbps, but Telstra’s NBN options should provide more than enough speed for buffer-free streaming.

What is the best prepaid Telstra plan?

Top Telstra Prepaid Phone PlansBest value Telstra prepaid plan: Telstra $40 Pre-Paid Complete.Best long expiry Telstra prepaid plan: Telstra $300 Pre-Paid Complete.

What is Telstra prepaid Max plan?

What are the key benefits of Telstra Pre-Paid Max? As of 26 February 2019, Telstra Pre-Paid Max gives you more choice and value-packed recharges with data, calls and texts included in Australia. Now with six recharge options, you can choose an expiry that suits you, from 7 days up to 12 months.