Question: What’S Another Word For Accustomed?

How do you say but in a formal way?

The following list will help you to recognize the informal and formal ways of saying the same thing….Transitions – Informal & Formal.InformalFormalAnywaysNeverthelessPlus/AlsoMoreover/ FurthermoreButHoweverSoTherefore/Thus32 more rows.

What is another word happy?

Synonyms forcheerful.contented.delighted.ecstatic.elated.joyous.overjoyed.pleased.

What is meaning of accustomed?

1 : often used or practiced : customary her accustomed cheerfulness. 2 : adapted to existing conditions eyes accustomed to the dark. 3 : being in the habit or custom a team accustomed to winning.

What’s another way of saying in other words?

What is another word for in other words?that is to sayi.enamelyscilicetvidelicetto put it another wayspecificallyexpresslyespeciallyparticularly9 more rows

What’s a word for getting used to something?

When you acclimate yourself to a situation, you become used to it. It usually means getting accustomed to a particular new climate, but it can also mean getting used to other situations, such as a new school.

What is the meaning of famine?

noun. extreme and general scarcity of food, as in a country or a large geographical area. any extreme and general scarcity. extreme hunger; starvation.

Which is correct to be use or to be used?

The correct term is “I used to be.” Used to + verb means something happened but doesn’t happen any more. It uses -ed to show past tense. Since it always means something happened in the past, it should always use past tense.

What is another word for Crumb?

What is another word for crumb?bitshredslicetriflejot or tittlehunkpartlumpdollopportion178 more rows

What is a synonym for accustomed?

SYNONYMS. customary, usual, normal, habitual, familiar, regular, routine, ordinary, typical, traditional, conventional, established, common, general, standard, prevailing, confirmed, fixed, set, settled, stock. literary wonted. ANTONYMS. unusual, unaccustomed.

What does it mean to become accustomed to something?

to think/start to think that something is normal or natural because you have experienced it regularly over a period of time. the little luxuries to which she was accustomed. accustomed to doing something: He had become accustomed to living without electricity, and missed it very little.

What does the word accustomed mean as used here?

Use accustomed in a sentence. adjective. The definition of accustomed is that something has become normal or typical for you or something which is customary or usual. An example would be when a city dweller finds the loudness of city traffic to be normal at night.

What’s the opposite of accustomed?

Antonyms: unaccustomed, new, unused, unusual. Synonyms: customary, wonted(a), habitual. accustomed, customary, habitual, wonted(a)(adj)