Question: What Is The Best Navy Job?

How much does a Navy recruit make a year?

Navy Seaman Recruit Basic Pay Table for 2020Years ExperienceMonthly Basic PayYearly Basic PayStarting Pay$1,733.10 / mo$20,797.20 / yr.

What disqualifies you from joining the Navy?

To enlist, you must be qualified under current federal laws and regulations or have an appropriate waiver. There are age, citizenship, physical, education, height/weight, criminal record, medical, and drug history standards that can exclude you from joining the military.

Can I choose my job in the Navy?

Jobs in the Navy The Navy calls their enlisted jobs “ratings.” The Navy offers two programs: guaranteed job, and undesignated seaman. The Navy also has some special enlistment programs whereby you can enlist knowing what area you are going into, but not your specific rating (job).

Do they have WIFI on Navy ships?

Yes. Inport, there is a data connection to the pier. Underway, there is a satellite connection. All crew has access to NIPRNet(Non-classified Internet Protocol Router Network), which allows access to the internet.

What is the toughest job in the Navy?

5 Worst Jobs In The US NavyNuke (EM, MM, and ET) Some of you who are already in the Navy might be shaking your heads a bit, but this article is mainly for civilians. … Damage Controlman (DC) Source: … Seaman (Undesignated) … Boatswain’s Mate (BM) … Hull Technician (HT)

How much do navy nukes get paid?

Of the 161 six and out Nuke vets, 16.7% of them made $100,001 – $120,000. That was the mode (most often occurring salary) among six and out Nukes. 42.2% of the six and out Nukes made over $100,000 per year. 3.7% of the six and out Nukes made over $200,000 per year.

Do Navy gunners mates see combat?

In regard to ship to ship combat rarely. … IF Gunners Mates are thrust into a ship to ship confrontation I can promise you that they will damn well bring everything they can possibly bear upon the vessel attacking theirs. A Gunners Mate pushed into action by glorious purpose is indeed a sight to behold.

How dangerous is the Navy?

It’s not dangerous but it’s very hazardous. Chances are super slim of being shot at but you’re in an industrial environment working with minimal sleep. Workplace injuries such as twisted ankles, crushed fingers, smacking your head, etc… hurt Sailors more than the terrorists.

What are the highest paying jobs in the Navy?

Best-Paying Jobs in the NavyAviation Boatswain’s Mate. The Aviation Boatswain’s Mate has an E-9 Navy rating making it the best-paid job in the Navy. … Aviation Ordnancemen. Aviation Ordnancemen (AO) has a Naval rating of E-8. … Culinary Specialist. … Sonar Technician First Class. … Hull Maintenance Technician.

What Navy jobs are in demand?

Navy Musician. Yes. … Information Systems Technician. Considering everything in our modern world is computerized, it makes sense that one of the highest in-demand careers in the Navy is an Information Systems Technician (IT) specialist. … Navy Diver. … Nuclear Operations. … Navy Chaplain.

Is it hard to join the Navy?

Getting to the Navy Getting into the Navy is not an easy task. Aside from medical and physical standards, there are height and weight standards, criminal standards, as well as academic standards. The Navy requires a ​ minimum ASVAB score of 35 to enlist in the regular Navy.

What are the cons of joining the Navy?

List of Disadvantages of Joining the NavyIt involves frequent and long deployments. … It requires a lot of time to be spent at sea, which is bad if you are seasick. … It involves trainings that are too rigorous and challenging for an individual. … It can put you in cramped quarters. … It places lives at risk.More items…

Is Navy Nuke a good job?

Nuclear Technician Advantages Career advancement prospects as a Navy nuclear power technician are also outstanding, and program participants are quickly advanced after they finish training. The Navy pays its nuclear technicians enlistment and reenlistment bonuses plus special duty assignment pay when it applies.

Does Navy go to war?

The vast majority of Navy deployments are at sea on Naval ships and submarines, though there are many deployments since 9-11 that allow for Navy personnel to deploy to various ports and bases around the world and in combat zones filling joint military billets.