Question: What Is Shepard Smith Up To?

What is Shepard Smith doing?

Former Fox News anchor Shepard Smith is joining CNBC for a nightly newscast.

Shepard Smith is joining NBCUniversal’s CNBC.

Shepard Smith, a longtime anchor on Fox News, is joining NBCUniversal’s CNBC, where he will helm a new nightly newscast in a bid to broaden the cable network’s audience..

Why did Shepard Smith really leave Fox News?

After increasing clashes with Fox’s prime time opinion hosts, Smith announced on-air that he would part ways with the network and “begin a new chapter.” He said his departure was voluntary: “After requesting that I stay, they graciously obliged.

Who is Shepard Smith’s husband?

Virginia Donaldm. 1987–1993Shepard Smith/Spouse

Who is Shep Smith’s boyfriend?

Giovanni GrazianoShepard SmithEmployerFox News (1996–2019) CNBC (2020-present)Notable credit(s)Studio B The Fox Report Shepard Smith ReportingSpouse(s)Virginia Donald ​ ( m. 1987; div. 1993)Partner(s)Giovanni Graziano (2012–present)4 more rows

How Old Is Shepard Smith?

56 years (January 14, 1964)Shepard Smith/Age

Who is the female anchor on Fox News?

Megyn KellyBornMegyn Marie Kelly November 18, 1970 Champaign, Illinois, U.S.Other namesMegyn KendallAlma materSyracuse University (BA) Albany Law School (JD)OccupationJournalist News anchor Political commentator Lawyer5 more rows

Who is the highest paid news anchor 2020?

NBC’s Matt Lauer is the highest-paid host in broadcast news, according to Variety. The “Today Show” host has an annual salary of $25 million per year. CNN’s Anderson Cooper clocks in as the highest-paid anchor or host in cable news, earning $12 million.

What is Shepard Smith salary?

$10 millionSalary – $10 million Shepard Smith is the host of Fox News’ “Shepard Smith Reporting” while also serving as managing news editor for the network. He earns a salary of $10 million annually and has an estimated net worth of $25 million.

Is Catherine Herridge leaving Fox?

Catherine Herridge is leaving Fox News for CBS. … CBS said she will begin her new role in November. “She will report original investigations and cover national security and intelligence matters that impact the country,” the network said.

Who is the richest news anchor?

Anderson CooperAnderson Cooper is the richest news anchor. His current net worth is $200 million.

Who is the highest paid female news anchor?

The Highest Paid Female News Anchors and Their Impressive Net WorthRachel Maddow – $20 Million. … Kelly Ripa – $22 Million. … Robin Roberts – $25 Million. … Greta Van Susteren – $35 Million. … Meredith Vieira – $40 Million. … Katie Couric – $55 Million. … Diane Sawyer – $80 Million. … Barbara Walters – $150 Million.More items…•

Who got fired from the Five on Fox News?

On May 19, 2017, Bob Beckel was again fired from The Five for allegedly being racist to an African American employee.

Who is Shepard Smith partner photo?

Virginia Donaldm. 1987–1993Shepard Smith/Spouse