Question: What Does Disheveled Appearance Mean?

What does disheveled mean in medical terms?

: marked by disorder or disarray disheveled hair..

What is untidy hair called?

adjective. Americaninformal scraggly hair is untidy and does not look clean or healthy.

What is the meaning of this Dishevelled?

adjective. If you describe someone’s hair, clothes, or appearance as dishevelled, you mean that it is very untidy. She arrived flushed and dishevelled. Synonyms: untidy, disordered, messy, ruffled More Synonyms of dishevelled. Quick word challenge.

What does unkempt mean in English?

not well-combedUnkempt is an adjective that literally means “not well-combed.” It is usually used to describe a person’s appearance, although it can also be applied to objects. Unkept is an adjective that means “not kept” or “neglected,” but it’s not usually used for people.

What does a disheveled person mean?

The definition of disheveled is someone or something that is untidy, messy or unkempt. A person who has his hair uncombed, his shirt untucked and stains on his shirt is an example of someone who would be described as disheveled. adjective.

How do you use disheveled in a sentence?

Disheveled sentence exampleHis bleached hair was disheveled , his eyes squinting at the hall light. … Her eyes were red, her red hair wet and disheveled , and she wore a flannel bathrobe and was barefoot. … Two disheveled members of her guard were with her in a dark, blurry cage.More items…

What does loquacious mean?

Marko Ticak. · Words. Loquacious is an adjective we use to describe someone who talks easily, fluently, and a lot.

What is opposite disheveled?

Adjective. ▲ Opposite of lacking order or neatness. neatened.

What does wafted mean?

: to move or go lightly on or as if on a buoyant medium heavenly aromas wafted from the kitchen. transitive verb. : to cause to move or go lightly by or as if by the impulse of wind or waves.

What’s another word for disheveled?

disheveledchaotic,cluttered,confused,disarranged,disarrayed,disordered,disorderly,higgledy-piggledy,More items…

What is the difference between disheveled and unkempt?

Unkempt generally means a person looks as if they don’t habitually take care of their appearance. … Disheveled, on the other hand, usually refers to an unusual appearance for a person.

What does cajole mean?

transitive verb. 1a : to persuade with flattery or gentle urging especially in the face of reluctance : coax had to cajole them into going. b : to obtain from someone by gentle persuasion cajoled money from his parents.

What means self centered?

1 : independent of outside force or influence : self-sufficient. 2 : concerned solely with one’s own desires, needs, or interests. Other Words from self-centered Synonyms & Antonyms Learn More about self-centered.

What fierce means?

1a : violently hostile or aggressive in temperament a fierce tiger. b : given to fighting or killing : pugnacious fierce fighters. 2a : marked by unrestrained zeal or vehemence a fierce argument. b : extremely vexatious, disappointing, or intense fierce pain. 3 : furiously active or determined make a fierce effort.