Question: What Are Two Synonyms For Discrimination?

What’s another way of saying another?

What is another word for another way?otherwisedifferentlyin a different wayin another wayin any other wayin a different mannerin another mannerin any other mannerany other wayin contrary fashion21 more rows.

What are two synonyms mistaken?

Synonyms forconfused.erroneous.faulty.inaccurate.inappropriate.misguided.misled.untrue.

What is another word for discriminated against?

What is another word for discriminate against?abuseharassbe set againstbe againstdisapprove ofbe hostile toshow antagonism tofeel ill will towardspush aboutshow ill will towards176 more rows

What are the 7 types of discrimination?

Each characteristic is addressed in the Act in summary as follows:Age. … Disability. … Gender Reassignment. … Marriage & Civil Partnership. … Pregnancy & Maternity. … Race. … Religion or Belief. … Sex.More items…•

What is the root word of discrimination?

discrimination (n.) 1640s, “the making of distinctions, act of observing or marking a difference,” from Late Latin discriminationem (nominative discriminatio), noun of action from past-participle stem of discriminare “to divide, separate” (see discriminate (v. )).

What is another word for inaccurate?

What is another word for inaccurate?incorrectwrongfaultyimprecisemistakenunreliableoutfalseuntruecareless120 more rows

What’s a fancy word for mistake?

SYNONYMS FOR mistake 1 inaccuracy, erratum, fault, oversight. 4 misconceive, misjudge, err.

What is a synonym for inspect?

Some common synonyms of inspect are examine, scan, and scrutinize.

What is another word for special treatment?

What is another word for special treatment?exemptionimmunityprivilegeabsolutiondispensationexonerationimpunityreleasereliefdischarge49 more rows