Question: Is TCS Debt Free?

How do I find out if a company is debt free?

Here is exactly what you need to do to find the list of debt free companies in India using Screener website:Go to the screener.Login with your credentials (email id and password)Scroll down to find the query builder.In the query builder, write the following: …

Run the query.More items…•.

Is Maruti debt free?

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd is principal activities of the Company are manufacturing, purchase and sale of motor vehicles, components and spare parts. The other activities of the Company comprise facilitation of pre-owned car sales, fleet management and car financing. Pros: Company is virtually debt free.

Which company is debt free?

debt free companies by sanjeevS.No.NameROCE %1.Hind. Unilever117.092.Castrol India90.723.Colgate-Palmoliv67.414.Balmer Law. Inv.49.8122 more rows

Does Google have any debt?

Google Inc. added to its cash hoard Monday by issuing $3 billion in corporate debt at low interest rates. It’s the first time Google has tapped the corporate bond market for money. … As of March 31, Google listed $3.2 billion in short-term debt, which consisted mostly of commercial paper.

What is virtually debt free?

Company has cash reserves in excess of the loans it has taken. Companies take loan for saving tax or for maintaining some working capital cash flow obligations. Such comes are called virtually debt free because they can offset their cash reserves with outstanding loan at any point of time.

Which is the safest share to buy?

Seven safe stocks to considerBerkshire Hathaway. … The Walt Disney Company. … Vanguard High-Dividend Yield ETF. … Procter & Gamble. … Vanguard Real Estate Index Fund. … Starbucks. … Apple.

Should I buy HUL shares?

It has maintained its ‘buy’ rating to the stock with a revised target price of Rs 2,305. … Another research and brokerage firm Edelweiss has recommended to ‘buy’ the stock with a target price of Rs 2,550, an upside of nearly 14 per cent. “We expect HUL to be key beneficiary of the rural demand recovery.

Can we buy Infosys shares now?

It is better to invest in Infosys shares for the long term since it gives the low rate interest environment. Sure it boosts up your return in the short-run, but you will get a much higher return if you hold the shares in the long run.

Is Hul a debt free company?

Pros: Company is virtually debt free. The company has delivered a poor growth of 4.71% over past five years.

Which company has the highest debt?

AT&TThe concentration of corporate debt: The top 48.CompanyLT Debt1AT&T178.52Ford104.93Verizon124.64Comcast108.546 more rows•Jul 26, 2019

Which companies have the most cash?

Microsoft currently has the largest cash pile at $136.6 billion as of last quarter, according to estimates from FactSet. Berkshire Hathaway, Alphabet and Apple occupy the other top spots, with $128.2 billion, $121.2 billion, and $100.6 billion, respectively.

Is Wipro a debt free company?

Wipro is engaged in a leading global information technology (IT), consulting and business process services (BPS) company. Pros: Company is virtually debt free.

What is AP E?

The price-to-earnings ratio (P/E ratio) is the ratio for valuing a company that measures its current share price relative to its per-share earnings (EPS). The price-to-earnings ratio is also sometimes known as the price multiple or the earnings multiple.

Is Facebook Debt Free?

The good news for investors is that Facebook has no debt. It has been operating its business with zero debt and utilising only its equity capital.

Is Infosys private or public?

It was registered as Infosys Consultants Private Limited on 2 July 1981. In 1983, it relocated its office to Bangalore, Karnataka, India. The company changed its name to Infosys Technologies Private Limited in April 1992 and to Infosys Technologies Limited when it became a public limited company in June 1992.

Who is eligible for Infosys dividend?

Infosys has fixed October 24, 2019, as the record date for the payment of an interim dividend of Rs 8 as declared by the board of directors. This implies the name of shareholders appearing in the records of depositories as beneficial owners will be eligible to receive the dividend.

Is a debt free company good?

A debt free company would be in a good position to fulfill its Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR). This means it would be contributing timely and in large measure for the benefit of the society. If more and more companies become debt free, it will contribute to nation-building in a big way.

Which Indian companies are debt free?

Top Debt Free Companies in IndiaHindustan Unilever.HDFC Life Insurance.SBI Life Insurance.ICICI Prudential Life Insurance.HDFC AMC.Bajaj Holdings & Investment Limited (BHIL)SKF India.Maharashtra Scooters.More items…•

Why is Infosys not in debt?

Infosys is a debt-free company. It doesn’t have any outstanding debt or fixed deposits. The company presently generates sufficient cash internally to finance all its operational, financing and investment requirements.