Question: How Do I Reset My Apple TV 2nd Gen Remote?

How do I reset my Apple TV 2nd generation?

To restart the Apple TV using the remote, press and hold the Menu and Down buttons.

Release the buttons when the light goes out, then comes on again..

How do I reset my Apple TV 2nd generation without a remote?

On older models go to Settings > General > Restart. If you’ve not got a substitute remote either, you can go for the low-fi emergency option and literally pull the plug on the Apple TV. Apple recommends that you leave it for at least six seconds before plugging it in again.

Why is my old Apple TV not working?

Unplug the power cord from your Apple TV, wait 30 seconds, then plug the power cord back in. Try using a different power outlet. If the Apple TV is plugged into a power strip, make sure that the power strip is turned on.

How do I pair my Apple TV remote app without the remote?

Setting up Apple TV without Apple Remote:Connect Apple TV as usual to the TV with the HDMI cord and power cord.Connect an ethernet cable to the Apple TV and your Modem.Apple TV will automatically connect to the internet.Use your App Remote from your iPhone and click on remotes, use App remote.More items…

How do I pair my Apple TV remote to my TV?

Adjust HDMI-CEC and volume settings on your Apple TV Go to Settings > Remotes and Devices, then choose the following: Control TVs and Receivers: Choose whether your Siri Remote or Apple TV Remote automatically turns on your television or receiver.

Why is my Apple TV remote not connecting?

If the Siri remote stops working, first try charging it via the Lightning port along the bottom edge of the remote. You can check the charge level on the Apple TV under Remotes & Devices by using an iOS device as a remote. If that doesn’t work, try resetting the remote by putting it into pairing mode.

What do you do when your Apple TV remote stops working?

Reset The Remote and Apple TV ConnectionUnplug your Apple TV from the power. Wait six seconds or more, then plug it back in.Try your remote again.If you are using the Siri Remote, you can reset it by simultaneously pressing the Menu and Volume Up buttons.

How do I pair my Apple TV Gen 2 remote?

Apple Remote (aluminum or white) On your Apple Remote, hold down Menu and Left for six seconds. Then on your Apple TV, look for above an icon of a remote. Link your Apple Remote to your Apple TV. On your Apple Remote, hold down Menu and Right for six seconds.

How do I reset my Apple TV remote?

Restart your Apple TVSiri Remote or Apple TV Remote*: Hold down the Apple TV app/Home. and Menu buttons. Let go when the light on your device flashes.Apple Remote (aluminum or white): Hold down the Menu and Down buttons. Let go when the light on your device flashes.

Can you pair a new Apple TV remote to an old Apple TV?

For newer Apple TVs, any silver remote will work without pairing to control any newer Apple TV including the 4th generation Apple TV. If you have a 4th Generation Apple TV and want to pair a new black siri remote to it: 1.

How do I fix my Apple TV remote not working?

How to reset an Apple TV remotePhysically unplug your Apple TV and wait at least six seconds.Plug your Apple TV back in. … Hold down your remote’s “Menu” and “Volume Up” buttons until you see a command flash on your screen saying it is pairing the remote.More items…•

Why is my Apple TV 2 remote not working?

Just press the Menu and Volume Up buttons simultaneously, and the remote will reset and put back into pairing mode. For restarting your Apple TV, press and hold the Menu and Down buttons on your Apple Remote. If the normal restart doesn’t help, try unplugging your Apple TV from the power outlet.

How do I reset my old Apple TV?

Reset or restore your Apple TV to its factory settingsGo to Settings > System > Reset.Choose a reset option: Reset: This option is the fastest way to return your Apple TV to factory settings. This option doesn’t require an Internet connection. … Keep your Apple TV plugged into power until the Reset process finishes.

How do I reset my Apple TV 4k without a remote?

Launch the Apple TV Remote app and choose Add Apple TV and then select your Apple TV. Step 3. Enter the 4-digit code on your device that comes out on Apple TV if asked. Now go to the “Settings” > “System” (“General” for 3rd generation and earlier models > “Reset” to factory reset Apple TV 4K without remote.

Why is my remote not working?

1 Check the Batteries of the Supplied Remote Low battery power can cause the remote to intermittently function, or not function at all. Lift the back cover up and away from the remote. Remove and re-insert the 2 batteries. Replace the back cover on the remote, and slide down to click it into place.