Question: How Do I Fix BigBlueButton Error 1020?

Can BigBlueButton see your screen?

When sharing Your Entire Screen users will see your screen even when navigating to another browser or application window.

This setting is recommended if you plan to use several different applications and do not wish to reconfigure the screen share with each change..

How do I update BigBlueButton?

Update your server. First, let’s make sure your server is up-to-date with latest packages and security updates. … Install apt-get key for BigBlueButton repository. All packages for BigBlueButton are digitally signed with the projects public key. … Install BigBlueButton. … Install API demos (optional) … Restart your server.

How do I turn my BigBlueButton camera on?

Locate and select the webcam icon from the media bar, located in the bottom middle of the BigBlueButton interface, and follow the join prompts. If you are using Chrome browser on a laptop or desktop and receive the message “The webcam is in use by another application” be sure you have allowed the permissions.

Is BigBlueButton safe?

BigBlueButton is one of the most stable free and open source software solution for video conferencing and a good alternative to zoom and other commercial software that has proven to be not respectful of our privacy.

Can’t connect to the configured hostname IP address?

Putting your server on an external host might solve your issues. Depending on the host you might need to do the external firewall and dummy NIC steps. You also might want to try the bbb-install script which should do some of the extra configuration for you

How do I get rid of BigBlueButton?

You can use dpkg -l | grep bbb to find all the BigBlueButton packages, and then do apt-get purge to remove them. After you do this, some packages installed by BigBlueButton will no longer be needed, and you can do apt-get auto-remove to remove the unneeded packages.

Why can’t I see anything on BigBlueButton?

This is caused by your browser’s security settings blocking access to the tool. You have to go through the same steps that you go through when accessing videos or other external content, as the browser may be blocking it so that it looks like a blank screen.

Can’t connect to Websocket?

To fix the security issue I created a stunnel proxy which allows me to accept the connection on 10.0. 4.160:58443 and connect it to port 127.0. 0.1:8080 . This secure tunnel should allow me to keep my connection to the websocket secured and bypass the browser’s security check.

How do I enable Websockets?

Enable WebSocket support: On the Add Roles and Features Wizard, select Server Roles. In the Roles pane, under Web Server > Application Development, select WebSocket Protocol….Configuring IISDouble-click Application Request Routing Cache.Click Server Proxy Settings.Select Enable Proxy, then click Apply.

How do I reinstall BigBlueButton?

InstallInstall.Full HTML5 client.Installation choices. Ansible. … Before you install. Minimum server requirements. … Upgrading. Upgrading from BigBlueButton 2.2. … Installation. Update your server. … Assign a hostname.Configure SSL on your BigBlueButton server. Configure BigBlueButton to use a domain name.

Who owns Bigblue button?

BigBlueButton Inc. BigBlueButton is a free software web conferencing system for Linux servers. Its intended use is online learning. BigBlueButton is an affiliate member of the Open Source Initiative.

Is BigBlueButton free to use?

BigBlueButton is open-source software, meaning it is free for both personal and commercial use. However, the software must be installed on an Ubuntu Linux server, and its installation and ongoing maintenance requires a strong working knowledge of this operating system.

Can’t make a Websocket connection error 1002 BigBlueButton?

If you are encountering error 1002 when trying to connect to WebRTC audio, it might be that your firewall does not support “hairpin NAT”, which means when the BigBlueButton server connects to the firewall’s IP address, the firewall is not sending the connection right back.

How do I reset my big blue button?

Save the file, run systemctl daemon-reload , and then restart BigBlueButton. FreeSWITCH should now startup without error.

What is a Websocket connection error?

Advertisements. Once a connection has been established between the client and the server, an open event is fired from the Web Socket instance. Error are generated for mistakes, which take place during the communication. It is marked with the help of onerror event.

How do I change BigBlueButton secret?

When you first install BigBlueButton on a server, the packaging scripts create a random 32 character sharedSecret . You can also change the sharedSecret at anytime using the command bbb-conf –setsecret . IMPORTANT: DO NOT ALLOW END USERS TO KNOW YOUR SHARED SECRET OR ELSE YOUR SECURITY WILL BE COMPROMISED.

How do I start BigBlueButton server?

InstallUpdate your server.Install apt-get key for BigBlueButton repository.Install BigBlueButton. Assign a hostname.Install API demos (optional)Install client self-check (optional)Restart your server.

How do I fix a Websocket error?

Solution 1Check that all the Bot Insight services are running.Check that your firewall settings are configured to accept incoming websocket data.Try to use a different web browser.Restart the Bot Insight Visualization and Bot Insight Scheduler services.Apr 5, 2020

How do I fix BigBlueButton error 1007?

The most practical way to solve it is to try the following methods.Try a few times more, and some times it resolved by itself.Try to restart your computer or mobile devices.Try with another browser or update your browser to the latest version.Try with another internet provider if possible.Try with other devices.Aug 12, 2020

What is ice error?

When a call is connected using the Twilio client, the client and the server exchange periodic messages verifying that the call is alive. If these message exchanges fail, it could indicate a problem with the connection to Twilio.