Question: Does Walgreens Break 100?

How do you change a fake $100?

You local Police station.

Any time you get any kind of fake money and you don’t notice it immediately the right thing to do is to go to your closest Police station, turn that money in and tell them all you can remember as to how you got that..

Do gas stations accept 50 dollar bills?

In any case, Eugene’s answer is that if you buy something first and *then* pay for it (as in a “pump then pay” gas station) they have to accept your $50 bill. … However, if you have to pay up front, they can simply refuse to do business with you.

Where can I get rid of fake money?

Take it to the police station and hand it over. Nice and easy, and you take away the chance of getting caught with counterfeit money. If you get caught with a single fake $20 the chances are you’ll have it confiscated.

Can I trade small bills for larger ones?

Banks – ask in the branches near to you if any of them would do that. They generally only service their account members, but if you smile and talk nicely to the tellers they might do that for you. It may involve some nominal commission. Check cashing places – they’re everywhere, and they carry large denomination bills.

Can you transfer Mcdonalds jobs?

What is the policy of McDonald’s transfers? McDonald’s restaurants are franchises, not corporate restaurants. This means each restaurant has a different owner, who sets his/her own hiring policies. Some owners own more than one restaurant and may allow you to transfer, that is entirely up to them.

Can you get a refund at mcdonalds?

We do everything we can do to not issue a refund, if we can replace something or give a different item, possibly even a coupon for free food, well do that any day over a refund. If you insist on it, and you say you don’t want anything else, well do it.

Will Self Checkout take counterfeit money?

Yes. The scanner that checks the value of the bill note does that.

Can you use 100 dollar bills in stores?

Federal law says your $100 is indeed legal tender. However, there is no rule that says a retailer has to accept it anymore than there is a rule that says you can pay with chickens or a sack of potatoes. … For one thing, $100 bills are popular with counterfeiters.

Will a bank break a 100?

You can break a $100 bill into smaller units at virtually any bank in the United States. … You can break a $100 bill into smaller units at virtually any bank in the United States. Some merchants will also do this and might find it helpful if their cash drawer gets stacked with too many $20 bills.

Can Mcdonalds break a 100 dollar bill?

At the McDonald’s I work at, we don’t accept $100 bills because in previous seasons we’ve received a lot of fraudulent ones. For safety reasons and also they probably have a te lock safe where the manger can not open the safe during those hours.

How do you break a $100 bill?

The easiest way to break a $100 bill or other large bills is to visit your bank or credit union — even if you don’t have an account. Alternately, some grocery stores and Target locations will exchange a $100 bill for you at the customer service desk. Other locations may require you to make a purchase.

How long do you wait at mcdonalds before it’s free?

McDonald’s: 1-minute guarantee or you get FREE food.