Is It Dangerous To Be A Pizza Delivery Driver?

Do pizza delivery drivers get paid good?

Delivery drivers make a wide range of incomes.

For example, most pizza delivery drivers make minimum wage, plus a per delivery stipend for gas, plus tips.

Therefore, your income to vary greatly depending on the tips and deliveries per hour..

Which pizza place pays the best?

and Papa John’s Pizza. Reported salaries are highest at Pizza Pizza where the average pay is $9.38. Other companies that offer high salaries for this role include Pizzahut and Pizza Hut, Inc., earning around $8.39 and $8.05, respectively. Domino’s Pizza pays the lowest at around $7.75.

Can you make a living delivering pizza?

Adventures In Pizza Delivery As a manager making a good salary by day, he found the $6-per-hour pay difficult at first, but he soon found he could average $20 per hour with delivery bonuses and tips. … “Once the retirees find out that you deliver pizza, it can spread like wild fire through an organization!”

What are the top 20 most dangerous jobs?

Most dangerous jobs in the U.S.: The top 20Structural iron and steel workers. … Driver/sales workers and truck drivers. … Farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers. … Rail-track laying and maintenance equipment operators. … Reinforcing iron and rebar workers. … Riggers. … First-line supervisors of farming, fishing, and forestry workers.More items…•

What’s it like being a delivery driver?

Your shift can go by very quickly. When each delivery takes 15-30 minutes and you are engaged by driving, time never really drags. It’s great if you are not a people person. You spend most of your time alone in your car listening to the radio, you can deal with most people very briefly.

What is the deadliest job in America?

Here are the 25 most dangerous jobs in America:Logging workers.Fishers and related fishing workers.Aircraft pilots and flight engineers.Roofers.Refuse and recyclable material collectors.Driver/sales workers and truck drivers.Farmers, ranchers and other agricultural managers.Structural iron and steel workers.More items…•

How dangerous is it to be a delivery driver?

Being a deliver driver is considered one of the most dangerous jobs around. Thousands of deliver drivers are injured or killed each year due to vehicle accidents, injuries while performing the delivery, or crime while completing a delivery.

How many pizza delivery drivers die a year?

It’s a Dangerous World for Pizza Delivery Drivers In fact, according to, in 2003, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ranked pizza delivery and other delivery jobs as the fifth most dangerous occupation, with 38 deaths per 100,000 workers annually.

Do delivery drivers get robbed?

Robberies of pizza delivery drivers are a serious and growing problem in many cities in the United States. Much like the extremely high risk of robberies that taxi drivers and late-night convenience store workers face, pizza delivery persons are being robbed in ever increasing numbers these days.

What job has the highest fatality rate?

Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we found the 34 jobs in America that had the highest rates of fatal injuries in 2018. Logging workers, fishers, aircraft pilots, and roofers made the top of the list.

What is the most dangerous job on earth?

These are the 10 most dangerous jobs of 2019, as reported by Newsweek:Logging Workers. … Fishers and Related Fishing Workers. … Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers. … Roofers. … Refuse and Recyclable Material Collectors. … Structural Iron and Steel Workers. … Truck Drivers and Other Drivers. … Farmers, Ranchers and Agricultural Managers.More items…•

Is it more dangerous to be a pizza delivery driver?

WASHINGTON, D.C.– A new study published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows the job of pizza delivery driver is a dangerous one. According to a report, the study selected occupations that had the highest fatalities per 100,000 employees in that line of work.