Is Drifter A Hunter?

Will there be a Cayde 7?

First, Cayde will not be brought back..

What race is Lord Shaxx?

humanShaxx is human. Considering he was a Warlord during the early days of the Risen, the only races on Earth were humans and exos. He doesn’t have a modulated voice ergo, he’s human.

What is the Warlock Aunor?

The Warlock Aunor is a Lore book introduced in Joker’s Wild. It consists of messages sent by the Warlock Aunor Mahal to The Guardian about their suspicions and investigation into The Drifter. Entries are unlocked by messages sent to the postmaster by Mahal and progressing in the investigation of the Drifter.

Did the drifter kill Cayde?

Calling it now: Dredgen Vale inherently killed Cayde-6 to recruit our Guardian to the Shadows and its going to be revealed in either Opulence or the end of this season.

Should you side with the Vanguard or drifter?

Right now the only difference is that if you pick the Vanguard you get some lore items that you receive, not game items, but you unlock some lore entries. If you pick Drifter you get different ones. For more players with multiple characters we pick one side with a character and then the other with another character.

Why does the drifter want motes?

Real Answer: It has something to do with control over the Taken and other creatures in the Ascendent Plane. Some scheme to survive without the Traveler. The motes allegedly allow him to control his Taken, but anything beyond that remains a mystery.

Does the drifter have a ghost?

The Drifter’s Ghost is the nameless Ghost partnered to The Drifter. Though it typically keeps itself hidden, it is distinguishable by its red eye and inability to speak, both of which are the result of extensive modifications that granted it access to a broader spectrum of Light and the ability to manipulate Darkness.

Is it better to stand with or against the drifter?

No matter which side you choose, Drifter or the Vanguard, you can choose the other side on another character. However, the choice you make cannot be undone. Your decision will likely have long, rippling effects on the story – though the extent of these effects is not known.

Is Drifter a guardian?

He is guardian. He talks about being fezzes several different times. However I think he is one the last “Warlord” types that were before the City age. Initially a gunslinger, but he isn’t a ‘guardian’ anymore, but a lightbearer.

What happened Cayde-6 ghost?

Sundance was the Ghost of Cayde-6. She was killed by Pirrha, the Rifleman during the Scorn’s breakout from the Prison of Elders using a Devourer Bullet like those of a Weapon of Sorrow.

Who did Dredgen Yor kill?

Jaren WardDredgen Yor killed Jaren Ward, the first user of The Last Word with Thorn. Jaren’s apprentice, Shin Malphur hunted Yor down for revenge and killed him on Dwindler’s Ridge using The Last Word and the first known instance of the Golden Gun.

What subclass is the drifter?

classlessDrifter is classless. He is not a Warlock, Titan, or Hunter. He’s just Drifter. Classes are social constructs.

Was Dredgen Yor a hunter?

He was a titan, but became a hunter as a disguise. He wore a cloak and took on the traits of one. It’s possible he even switched to hunter supers.

Is it better to stand with the drifter?

Not only does the decision to stand with the Drifter or the Vanguard change how you interact with certain characters, but it also changes the type of missions you’ll play – and could have wider story implications down the line.

Why did Bungie kill Cayde-6?

After all, the Nathan Fillion-voiced characters is one of the most beloved members of the Destiny universe. In fact, he offered a great deal of humor, personality, and character at a time when Destiny was largely devoid of such things. Of course, that’s precisely the reason that Bungie decided to kill him off.

Is the drifter a Dredgen?

The Drifter used to be a Shadow of Yor (a.k.a, a Dredgen) but then stopped working with them. Probably the last time the Emissary of the Nine saw Drifter was when he was a Shadow of Yor, that’s why he says “It’s Drifter now” After the Emissary referred to him as Dredgen.

What race is Eris morn?

Eris Morn is a Hunter and member of the Hidden who serves the Vanguard as their expert on Hive lore.

Is the drifter a bad guy?

We learn that Drifter ran with the Shadows of Yor for a while but thought they were just as zealous and irritating, so now he’s selling them out to be captured. And in the end, you learn that really, the Drifter is not evil.