Can I Get A Refund On My Spotify Premium?

Does Cancelling Spotify premium end automatically?

Re: If I cancel my subscription, does it end immediately, or does it just not renew.

If you cancel your subscription now, you will keep the remaining amount of premium time.

At the end of the month, it will not renew..

How do I cancel my Spotify Premium and get money back?

Re: Cancel account and get refund First, to cancel your account, you’ll need to edit your subscription details. Spotify does not have a refund policy, but you are welcome to contact customer support and perhaps they’ll be able to help.

How do I contact Spotify for a refund?

Re: how do i contact spotify for refund If you get an automated email directing you to the community or help pages, you need to reply directly to and one of the customer services agents will get back to you.

What happens if I cancel my Spotify premium subscription early?

When you cancel your subscription before your subscription end date, you still have acesss to Premium until your subscription end date. In your case, if you cancel today – you still have acess to your Premium content, and your account will revert to free after those 3 months are over.

Will Spotify charge me if I cancel?

You can cancel your subscription at any time during the month (or three months) and you account will stay premium for however long you have paid. If you cancel on the day before your subscription expires you will also not be charged for the next month and your account would go back to a standard free account.

How do I dispute a charge on Spotify?

How to Dispute a Charge With SpotifyYou should have an email address on your Spotify account.Have your Spotify account password.Log in to your Spotify account.Confirm the reason of the overcharge.Check if you had purchased something and then forgot hence the overcharge.More items…

Does Spotify automatically charge you?

After the Free Trial Period, you will automatically be charged the then-current monthly price of the Spotify Premium Service and the payment method you provided will automatically be charged that amount unless you cancel prior to the end of the Free Trial Period.

How do I contact Spotify to cancel my subscription?

Cancel your Premium plan any time on your account page.Log into Your plan, click CHANGE PLAN.Scroll to Spotify Free and click CANCEL PREMIUM.

How do you stop Spotify Premium?

Cancel your Premium plan any time on your account page. Log into Under Your plan, click CHANGE PLAN. Scroll to Spotify Free and click CANCEL PREMIUM.

How long does a Spotify refund take?

Thanks for the question and welcome to the Community! Refunds are processed by your payment provider and the time they might take depends on them. It would usually take between 3-5 working days but if you’d like more info on that we’d recommend reaching out to your bank.

Why did I get charged for Spotify?

You may have accidentally signed up to Premium. Try logging in with any details you tend to use online. Note: There are a few ways to create an account, e.g. with your email, phone number, Facebook, or Apple.

What happens when your Spotify free trial ends?

After your Premium Trial expires, you will be charged for the next month of Premium. You can, however, cancel your subscription at any time, so you won’t be charged when your monthly plan expires. You won’t lose your remaining days of your subscription, you can continue to use your plan, until, of course, it expires.

Will I lose playlists if I cancel Spotify Premium?

You won’t lose any playlists, friends, or your music library, as long as you keep using the same username you’ve been using.

Can you get your money back from Spotify?

If you don’t want Premium anymore, you can cancel any time and keep what you paid for. Your Premium stays until your next monthly payment would be due. After that, your account switches to Spotify Free and your payment info is removed. For more information, check out our policy.

Why does Spotify charge twice?

Paying for multiple accounts? You may have accidentally signed up to Premium on a second account. … If they have, they should cancel or change their payment method and reimburse you. If you need more help, contact customer support.

Why does my Spotify subscription says free?

If your account is still showing as free then you have not logged into the account you have upgraded. Double check your details, its amazingly easy to accidentally have two accounts, one with a Spotify username and another using your Facebook details.

Why can’t I cancel my Spotify subscription?

If you don’t see a cancel option, You might have subscribed to premium through the iPhone or iPad app. To cancel your subscription, you need to cancel it from iTunes. Your subscription is being handled by Apple.

Can I speak to someone at Spotify?

Re: I want to speak to someone on the phone Spotify does not offer phone-based customer service in the US, unfortunately. You can get in touch with Spotify staff through the contact form, and they may be able to help you out.

What happens if I dont pay Spotify?

Re: Missed monthly payment, what will happen? Spotify will try and take the money in a day or two, if they can’t then then you will be reverted to free. Once back on free, you won’t be charged until you manually resubscribe to premium/unlimited.

How do I contact Spotify about my account?

Note: We don’t offer phone support.The Spotify Community. Post or search on our Community, where listeners help out and share ideas. Go to the Spotify Community. … Chat and email. Chat with us through our contact form. If no one’s available, we’ll get back to you on email. … Twitter. Send a direct message to @SpotifyCares.